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Questions and answers regarding insurance at the present time

In general, no. Insurance policies exclude these situations. In property and car insurance, the reason for this is the state covers the damage. Health insurance can cover these situations, but it is not so relevant due to the urgent nature of treatment needed and the state
via the health funds will cover all treatment needed.

For those who hold a health and life insurance policy, the reform has no significance except for health insurance policies purchased after 2016 where premiums may be raised somewhat but details are not known yet. At the moment, it is not possible to purchase health insurance in the previous format; it can only be obtained in the new format. Some insurance companies have already issued policies in the new format.

The purchase of a new life insurance policy is still possible in the old format till the end of the month. However, it is expected that with the implementation of the reform, prices in the life insurance sector will also rise. Discounts will not be granted as they were up to today.

Database of initiatives for giving and receiving assistance

At this time we are witnessing an incredible outpouring of support.
We have created for you a document that contains a long list of options for receiving assistance and providing assistance.
We wish you and your families courage and strength and quiet and better days.        

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