Insurance for plumbing and water damage in an apartment – what is covered?

Most damages and claims related to home insurance involve water.

Damages resulting from sealing issues are generally not covered by apartment insurance. The policy is designed to address cases where an unknown factor is involved, not situations resulting from faulty maintenance. This principle is reflected in the policy exemptions. However, some structural policies do provide limited coverage for sealing issues, typically in cases related to bathroom leaks.

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Damages caused by abnormal rainfall, in general, are not covered. However, if the rainfall is defined as abnormal by a professional, it might be covered. In disputable cases like these, insurance companies may try to avoid claims by arguing that it’s not an extreme situation. In such instances, the insurance agent plays a crucial role in representing the insured and advocating against the insurance company.

Damages resulting from leaks or pipe bursts are generally included in the building’s insurance policy. However, when it comes to shared property in a building, such as a common pipe, apartment insurance won’t cover it. The responsibility falls on the building’s insurance, covering common property like shared pipes, stairwells, and the like.

In the case of pipe damages, it’s important to contact the insurance agent for guidance before spending any money, assuming there is coverage. Additionally, it’s highly recommended to purchase insurance with a private plumber and not a standard company plumber..

The problem in many policies is that the repair is handled by a professional arranged by the insurance company, a process that can be problematic. With a private plumber cover, the insured gets to choose the professional to handle the repair, ensuring a smoother process.

Understanding these details is crucial when dealing with water-related damages and choosing insurance coverage accordingly.