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Home Insurance Israel -The acquisition of a residential property stands as one of the most substantial investments we undertake in our lifetimes. Contemplating the potential loss of such a valuable asset or the occurrence of substantial damages that render it uninhabitable is a circumstance that we earnestly desire to avoid. In this regard,

Segal’s Insurance emerges as the definitive solution that effectively mitigates concerns and anxieties, providing a safeguard against unforeseen contingencies.

About Home Insurance Israel

Segal’s Home insurance in Israel covers the structure and contents of your home protecting you from all damage to the building including events such as -fire, storm, flood, burglary, theft and third party liability.

Home Insurance - Questions and Answers

There are different types of apartment insurance. There is building insurance that covers the structure itself and fixed items inside, like the kitchen, for example. Contents insurance covers movable items inside the apartment such as furniture and belongings. Mortgage insurance, which is not exactly apartment insurance, is more like life insurance, where the coverage amount equals the mortgage debt. In case of unfortunate events, the insurance payout goes directly to the bank, clearing the mortgage debt.

Usually, yes. Deductibles can vary between insurance companies. When reviewing a building insurance policy, it’s advisable to ensure that deductibles are low, especially for common damages like water-related issues.

Generally, it seems not. While there are no fixed rules, the chances of a premium increase in the following year are higher in significant claim situations. In the case of a “serial claimant,” insurance companies might significantly raise the policy premium or not renew the poilicy.

Yes, there are quite a few such cases. Insurance policies are designed to address extreme situations. Policies include numerous clauses and exemptions. For example, damages caused by water from rainfall, sealing problems, or neglect are often not covered.

In cases where the claim amount is higher than the deductible, it’s worth making a claim. Even if the claim is denied, the maximum outcome is a delay, and if accepted, compensation is usually higher than the increased premium for insurance.

Generally, the costs for content insurance are relatively low. Considering the potential value of contents in case of an unfortunate event, it’s advisable to have content insurance.

The most significant potential damage is water-related. Many apartment insurance policies have a clause whereby the insurance company handles the repair which is a bad option. It’s recommended to find a policy with a private plumber clause, allowing the policyholder to choose who handles the repair. There is also cover in the policy for 3rd party claims.

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Our Home Insurance Israel Covers

Natural Disasters

Our home insurance policy covers you for a variety of situations such as water damage, earthquake and theft.

Read more about Natural Disasters

Excellent Claims Department

Our company has an efficient claims department which works hard to process all the claims as quickly as possible.

A Special Collective

We offer a policy with Clal Insurance Company which gives you a very wide range of cover with a first class premium.

Water Damage

Burst pipes claims are the largest type of claims we have to deal with. Our company offers policies which allow you to use a plumber of your choice at very competitive prices.

Insurance for plumbing and water damage in an apartment – what is covered?

Third Party Liability

You have liability cover for damage that you may do to other people or property.

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Jackie Conway
Jackie Conway
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I have been working with Segal Insurance for a few years now and have found them to be professional and efficient. Their prices have also been very reasonable. Definitely a satisfied customer!
Linda Glazer
Linda Glazer
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I’ve been using Segal Insurance for about 17 years now and have found their service to be excellent. They’re efficient, they’re fast and one feels almost as if one’s their only client when approaching them for advice or claims …it’s almost like being among family!
Gillian Braunold
Gillian Braunold
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Never failed to be helpful on processing claims and ensuring good outcome.
Amy Margolis
Amy Margolis
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Excellent service! If there are questions, there is always a quick answer. Also they helped to insure my son’s car quickly although he is a young driver,and they got me a very good price. Very happy with the service!
Aharon Levi
Aharon Levi
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There is always someone to talk to. When I needed help with forms there was always someone to help and simplify things.
David Cohen
David Cohen
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Johnny is honest, straightforward, ethical, and a hell of a good guy. I not only get good advice, I enjoy my meetings with him. Highly recommended”